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Plate punching machines


Plate punching machine F P 35

Plate punching machine

The Punching Machine FP 35 has been designed to make holes when assembling or modifying steel angles right on working site without even disassembling them in order to be punched. The machine can be used in the open air thanks to a hydraulic pump (petrol engine) with pipes from 1,5 to 12 m. On the other hand, in case of working in closed places, it is better to connect the punching machine to an electrical motor pump.


Hydraulic Punching Machine of 30 t power with motorized or hand hydraulic pump. Compatible with tools of our presses range, quick release couplings, pipes, motorized or hand pumps. Easy and quick replacement of punch and die (2 minutes). Flexible hoses with quick release couplings connect the punching machine with hydraulic pump. Good weight/power ratio makes working operations easier on poles and supports. The punching machine is supplied with its set of keys for replacement of dies and punches, control valve, quick release couplings and case.

Technical data

Max punching force at 700 bar oil pressure 30 t
Max punching diameter 20,5 mm
Max punching thickness 10 mm
Weight of machine with control valve 15 kg
Punches standard seize Ø 10,5 13,5
17,5 20,5 mm
Transport case 50x40x12 cm
Made to measure punches available on request
Plate punching machine F P 35 Plate punching machine F P 35

Dies and punches

Dies and punches are made of high tensil alloy steel.

Dies and punches Dies and punche Dies and punche