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Hydraulic presses > IR P 110

Hydraulic press IR P 110

Hydraulic press

Hydraulic Press of 110 t compressive capacity, suitable for compression of joints on conductors and steel ropes for high voltage electric lines. The pressing cycle has been improved due to the hydraulically driven piston release. Handling is easier, since its weight and overall dimensions have been reduced of 20%. This press can use either rectangular or round dies. Hydraulic press operated by motorized or hand pump, complete with control valve, pressure gauge, quick release couplings and wooden case for easy transport.


Max pressing force 110 tons (1100 kN)
working pressure max 700 bar
Press weight kg 46
Weight/Power ratio ton/kg 2,3
Rectang. die weight kg 7,5
Round die weight kg 2,5
Max hexagon mm 65
Max stroke mm 25
Case cm 50x70x62H

Dies and tools IR P 110

Dies items are made of high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated and precision machined. Dies maximum hexagon 65 mm.